welcome sweet friend, to this whimsical strand of the web!

my name is Annabeth, clay and dust. I’m in love with Jesus. He’s so gracious, kind and good! before I met Him, I was anxious, insecure, struggled with an eating disorder and depression. now that we’re in love, life is beautiful. In Christ I have peace, joy, freedom, and grace. I’m growing in relationship with God. His grace is sufficient. grace does not enable us to do whatever we want; grace sets us free to follow Jesus as holy and blameless saints–what He paid for!

this awesome love story has nothing to do with what I’ve done. if it did, I would be separated from God forever. it has everything to do with what Jesus did. He died for our sins.  if we put our faith in Him, we can be reconciled.

we’re all lost sons–Jesus paid the price to win us back to the Father.

this blog is an attempt at imagization (imagination with zing!), vulnerability and life unfiltered. I write for Him!

thanks for consuming these letters turned words. let’s comb the seas together.