our first mother’s day

little.  new. precious.

as you wiggle at my breast, eating and pooping. (already a multitasker. good job, girl), I ponder

how life turned upside down as you descended birth canal. you—this bundle of beauty—grew inside me?! my mind cannot know, this. now your tiny heart thumps near mine. your small bones. your mini kidneys. your tiny eyes that turn in their tiny holes. tell us, someone, how did soul enter child in womb?

sex, big belly, baby.

the world spun upside down when you came out of me.

like the first step off an airplane planted on fresh soil in foreign land—we’ve  upchucked old. welcome, new.

you were made to: fly out between my legs, fit inside my arms, flourish.

I am yours, you are mine.

I want to tell you life, to hold you infinity, to hug your smile and encourage your voice. each cell worthy, intentional, true. you are beauty! you are perfect! let no other voice speak.

as you sleep, time ticks.

I wonder the future: home movies you’ll make, wearing underwear as a hat, belting GOD BLESS MY UNDERPANTS! (like mother like daughter); bicycle cruises and crashes; cooking peanut butter in blender; dance fiestas; sleepovers; fountains of tears, peals of laughter.

May you soar.

May you see.

May you be all you’re made for.

child, I’ll love you, forever.


One thought on “our first mother’s day

  1. I particularly liked this post because of its honesty and its emotional aspects. This is definitely a good read. Inspiring and brave. I hope you could also follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. Cheers! 🙂


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