The lesson I’ve learned 2,436 times since 1990

A Thursday in November:

He wraps his long, muscular arms around my shoulders, kisses my forehead, whispers in my ear “I love you.”

Even when my wonderful husband acts on point, loving me incredibly, it’s not enough to satisfy the raging craving in my starved soul. 

How many times will elderly, up high cotton balls drip rain, how many minutes will leave– eroding the time bank,  how many exhales will escape before I know in my heart of soul, no man can satisfy me. 

When single and even that I’m now married, I look for ice cream in a tree, search for hugs from birds [looking in all the wrong places]. Like a baby tortoise learning to waltz, I’ve tripped over my toes, trying to get satisfaction from people. 

God created us to be loved by Him! Floods of grace, finally whole. How did I go so long with the hole in my soul. 

Found. Loved. Satisfied in the arms of my Savior, Jesus❤


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