Here we hear the tick tock of seconds minutes decades, restraining us. In forever, we’ll be unconstrained by time. Unfathomable! (Can I just be hugged, Jesus, for 3000 years?) While I am on the clock, I want to live like heaven is real. Nothing wasted–all in. The fullest fragrance, my life’s worship, poured out on Christ. Costly sacrifice bought me. Now I spend myself doing His will; the love of Christ controls me. How would you live differently, if you knew this life is a mist, a miniscule blip. What’s 36, 54, 73 years, in comparison with forever? Like a grain of sand  in outer space, and then some. So dive in–submerge yourself in the forever love now. To keep your life is to lose it. To lose your life for Christ is to find it. Don’t live for here. Hope in the  unseen eternal God–the only true reality!


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