whoever has ears to hear…

Close your eyes. Listen. 

Till the thoughts spill out your mind onto a blank canvas of quiet.

(this takes time. stillness requires patience…)

Listen. Until time hits the brakes, until tasks fade.

and you simply are.

Busyness melting away, distraction destroyed.

When the fabric of your soul mirrors glassy motionless water and its weaves loosen, allowing things like grace and love to settle in.

Hear God’s whisper beat a song on your eardrum.

See the wind waltz with branches and leaves.

Breath inflating then deflating chest,

lungs no longer vacuum bags full of stress and soot,

but hopeful clouds with rain cascading down, evaporating up—a refreshing cycle.

Look up, heart.

and listen.

Pause the music. stop the tv chatter. listen.

Quiet’s uncomfortable…

(but do comfortable people grow?)

Quiet like a cave. like planets gliding through deep dark space.

Quiet like the forest, save for birds and trees.

Listen—hear the earth’s cry.

Stop long enough to be woken up.

World broken. world bleeding.

In our innermost chambers, we all know

we weren’t made to drown

but to soar!

Look at this dirty and disgraced, sad and out of place bluegreen marble.

Broken homes, broken bones, tear drops, break ups, death.

Suicide, flooding, miscarriage, abortion, murder.

Divorce, cancer, disease, loss.

House fires, gossip, lies, overdoses, pain, scars.

Look at the news, at a  young child’s tantrum, inside you.

The fact that dust collects on ledges

and shelves proves

this world’s fallen.

Since the the first human sinned, all inherit infection.

That minor chord creating discord in each human

longs to be restored.

Some look to sex. others, a bottle. others, a cigarette.

Some cut, some shop, others eat or go to people.

Regardless of how you deal, we’re all seeking a filling for the black hole in our soul.

I’ve looked to ideals, I strove for perfection.

Created me-centered dreams that—if they only happened—would solve my being’s puzzle.

I idolized marriage and a husband.

“he’ll fulfill me,” I thought. “I know it!”

After 26 years of looking to people and grades, dreams and ideals, perfection and travel… I sit next to you on this 5 second bench called life, testifying: it’s all empty. Whatever your “numb”-er of choice is (alcohol, food, drugs, sex, tv, busyness, social media), it’s all the same and it’s not working. when you slow down and listen, you’ll see… empty.

And if you try to stop sending your hungry heart down that same dead end road, it’ll only go down another. Transferring heart throb from one idol to another is a maddening hamster wheel of meaningless unrest.

The Bible says our hearts are deceitful above all things and desperately sick (Jeremiah 17:9). The answer is not behavior modification, we need intervention to be saved from self destruction! And we’re completely incapable of doing so ourselves. We are born disobedient. Since the garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, death entered the human race and we’re infected with this sickness called sin.

Here’s where the hope comes in.

A Saviour is necessary—someone who saves those who cannot save themselves (everyone). This is accomplished through grace. God’s holy. He cannot be in the presence of sin. Because He loves us, He sent His only Son, Jesus, to be the bridge between us and Him.

God is also just. As a just judge, He cannot allow our sin to go unpunished. When Jesus died and rose again, He bore God’s wrath for our sin. Like the animal sacrifices in the Old Testament that foreshadowed Him, Jesus is the spotless lamb. The once and for all sacrifice, Jesus bore the punishment for all who believe in Him. Now each person, if they choose Jesus as their Lord, are invited into His very near presence—what every heart longs for. This isn’t a light matter… to have a Lord means total submission, every thought taken captive to scripture, each moment surrendered, life. laid. down.

Ultimately, it’s all about God. Everything. Even the cross is for His glory.

Close your eyes. Listen. Do you hear?



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