Making breakfast, I ponder
blue, rushing droplets, notes strung together, cascading, crescendoing on the ride of gravity and time.
grand finale of broken surface, thin mist dusting cliff and leaf
miniature fish bathe in frothy cloud culmination, their tails flick, laughing
time erodes rock
my toast springs up like two prairie dogs.

while observing paint drying
and waiting on water bubbling,
life turtles sloths & snails

days slip through my fingertips like water drips
swirling down drains, puddling in rock wells & sidewalk dips.
seconds are days are years are decades.
time, the deceptive friend, swindles
the seconds turned centuries
as we all find ourselves
upside down ground.
I looked to elusive tomorrow,
thinking it would be better
or at least promised.
they lied.
I looked to yesterday,
salty water slipping from my eyes
sliding down my cheek
falling off my chin
onto crimson fabric

all we have is now.

light slips through dusty yellowed blinds
an orange cat, poised on the window sill,
licking licking
licking thick fur
yellow pencils, artfully arranged,
point to opportunity
stored up
unwritten lead

meanwhile ferns—emerald and lace—
feather forest floors
monkeys learn swing,
which bugs taste good
off mother’s back
clouds open & close
stars twinkle & diminish
people born & die
seasons rotate
clocks run out of battery
I butter my toast.

leaves curl
twirl to the ground
the evil on earth, the secrets of man
concealed in darkness
flowers and moons whisper:
light is coming
turn from dark
live in light
freedom is found
through surrender
like baby birds falling in open air
for the first time

self-preserve, lose all
lose all, find life
step a second into light
discover: the mysteries of God

dry brown bread
crunches between my teeth
crumbles on crimson fabric

it’s only Tuesday.


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